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Committed to providing excellence in education

With Blush you will see that we don’t just run mundane classes - we build careers!

We give you the best so you can be the best and go on to say “I trained at Blush”... Not “I did a course on that once”.

Our team of educators are talented and full of tips and tricks of the trade - but most importantly we are industry relevant, working techs / practitioners. This means  we can help you overcome challenges and guide you through both positive and negative experiences (nobody said it was all going to be a bed of roses - even they have thorns). 

We are all super chilled and although will help you reach your potential, we are always approachable and started off just like you!

Our career starters (also known as courses) vary from absolute beginner to master level so don’t be put off by your experience. We are here to nurture and challenge you!

You will get our knowledge and support- you need to give yourself the opportunity and the dedication to take on this journey and give it your all.

With ongoing support after your training as well as options to book business and branding coaching, there really is nothing stopping you investing in your future and putting your faith in not only Team Blush, but in yourself!