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Committed to providing excellence in education

Career Boosting Bundles

This option tends to suit those who want to become the absolute Boss in their game and want to start either a whole new branch of an existing career or begin on a brand new journey all together.

Learning one skill isn't going to be for everyone and can limit your potential so at Blush, we have created career bundles to get you started - which 

will enable you to start your adventure straight away and will allow you access to our advanced mastership programmes.



Our fast track to aesthetics course will help you become a qualified practitioner in just 6 practical days. Best of all- no previous experience is required!

We limit our class sizes to ensure you have the best quality training possible. Our insurance partners are so confident and trusting of us, they have guaranteed to insure you once you become qualified and we will even give you an insurance discount code which only Blush Graduates can use!

Become qualified in ALL the below:

✅ Anatomy and Physiology (L3 equivalent)

✅ Advanced Anatomy of the Face

✅ Infection Control

✅ Introduction to Injectables

✅ Sharps Handling

✅ B12 Injections

✅ First Aid

✅ Anaphylaxis Training

✅ Complications Management

✅ Foundation Dermal Filler

AND for a limited time only, we are including Botox training!

Course Value: £7,000...

Current Price £3,497!!


Want to start a career in skincare? Or even better- be a skincare MASTER!!

This course is suitable for any entry level and is with over £1500!

Learn to identify skin types and choose the best treatments and products for your clients!

With TEN certificates under your belt, you will be able to work as a skincare specialist exclusively or add the treatments to your existing portfolio seamlessly.

With the best brands and ongoing support available, what's stopping you?

Course Value £1500

Current Price £950


This course is the perfect investment for beginner’s wanting to learn the art of nails.

Taught by experienced college tutor with over 2 decades of experience in the industry and hundreds of successful graduates living their dream and working in their ideal career.

The course will comprise of:

🐝Anatomy & Physiology

🐝Health & Safety

🐝Safe Nail Prep (manual and electronic file)

🐝Product Chemistry

🐝Gel Polish Application

🐝Correct Curing

🐝Correct Ratio

🐝Proper Structure

🐝Tip Sizing & Application

🐝One colour Overlay

🐝Difference between Infills and Rebalance

🐝Infill procedure

🐝Removal Procedure

🐝Practical Assessment

🐝Safe use of E-Files

The course is broken into 4 practical days, with the necessity for home study prior and during.

Cost including kit: £900


With this package you will be bossing your way to the bank with your new skills.

Being a Beauty Boss means having more than just one treatment under your Gucci belt.

By taking this course, you will be able to offer brows AND lashes.

Not just one type of lash service either - but FIVE!

You will be able to Tint, Lift and extend in Classic, Hybrid and Volume style!

What more could your clients need?

Bundle Price £1,100


So, you wanna be a PMU Pro? Well, you're in the right place.

This bundle gives you two options!

Option One: £4,500 

Start with Microblading and progress onto machine conversion and Lip Blush.

  • Microblading
  • Machine Ombré / Powder Brows
  • Lip Blush

Option Two: £4,500

Skip the microblading and be a machine specialist, taking the machine only option:

  • Ombré & Powder Brows
  • Hair Stroke Workshop
  • Lip Blush


Brows are big business right now and we have seen a huge demand for training from you Brow Babes out there, so we created a bundle just for you.

This training is suitable from beginner level and allows you to become the complete brow technician and Microblading artist.

The course comes with a complete kit and links to our recommended insurer with a discount code for being a Blush Graduate.


What does it involve?

🐝 Practical Demos

🐝 Live Models

🐝 Theory

🐝 Health and Safety

🐝 Legislation

🐝 Anatomy of the Skin

🐝 Anatomy of the Hair

🐝 Product Knowledge

🐝 Consultations

🐝 Patch Testing Procedures

🐝 Bespoke Brow Measuring & MappingTechniques

🐝 Mixing Ratios

🐝 Pigment Choices

🐝 Application of Semi-Permanent Tint

🐝 Safe Waxing Techniques

🐝 Chemical Processes

🐝 Warm Wax Procedure

🐝 Tweezing the right way

🐝 Trimming (where, when & how)

🐝 Henna Mixing

🐝 Correct Application of Henna

🐝 Brow Sculpting

🐝 Make Up Application

🐝 How to take the best photos

🐝 Discounted Insurance

🐝 CPD accredited certificates


🐝 Microblading!

Taught by top class educators with working knowledge of the industry and who offer ongoing support, for only £2,297!