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Committed to providing excellence in education

With Blush you will see that we don’t just run mundane classes - we build careers!

We give you the best so you can be the best and go on to say “I trained at Blush”... Not “I did a course on that once”.

Our team of educators are talented and full of tips and tricks of the trade - but most importantly we are industry relevant, working techs / practitioners. This means we can help you overcome challenges and guide you through both positive and negative experiences (nobody said it was all going to be a bed of roses - even they have thorns).

We are all super chilled and although will help you reach your potential, we are always approachable and started off just like you!

Our career starters (also known as courses) vary from absolute beginner to master level so don’t be put off by your experience. We are here to nurture and challenge you!

You will get our knowledge and support- you need to give yourself the opportunity and the dedication to take on this journey and give it your all.

With ongoing support after your training as well as options to book business and branding coaching, there really is nothing stopping you investing in your future and putting your faith in not only Team Blush, but in yourself!



Debbi is our creator and Managing Director. She began her career in the beauty industry in 2006 after working in advertising and marketing. Between herself and her successful salon, she holds 14 awards and another 12 final position places. The Academy has also won the Training Centre of Excellence Award at the British Hair & Beauty Awards 3 times!

She began teaching in 2013 and became an International Educator for prestigious brands. She has worked with the likes of  Crystal Nails, Beautiful Brows and lashes & Henna Brows International. As well as writing manuals and training materials for brands and creating materials for government regulated courses - oh, and wrote an anatomy book!

She ventured into the world of aesthetics and opened our HQ in 2019.

Her passion is you! She loves absolutely nothing more than seeing our Graduates thriving and running successful careers and living their dreams! It is what gets her out of bed - well that and a good cuppa.


Emma is our education co-ordinator and she is the person most likely to be answering your messages and e-mails. 

She is the one who usually interrupts lessons to ask who wants cuppas as well so if you're nice, she'll share her fave coffee with you (no promises).

Emma also happens to be Debbi's big sister so it makes for an interesting dynamic - we can never figure out who is the boss of whom...

Who are we kidding, it's totally Emma!


Ravs (aka Rachel) is an insanely talented Beauty Therapist, MUA, Lash Tech, Aesthetician and microblading specialist.

Ravs worked at Blush salon before entering into education (Debbi pushed her into it truth be told) and it's the best decision ever. She is bubbly, funny and above all, knowlegable. After being in the industry only 3 years, Ravs now has her own thriving salon & clinic based in Northumberland.

She is passionate about quality training and giving you all the best start to your new career. Ravs favourite thing is brows and she loves microblading above everything!

**edit** we feel guilty about lying to you. Her true love is actually her kitty cats "Smidge & Smudge" but we promise brows are a super close second!


Rebecca is our lash trainer and comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge on all things lashes.

She is also as mad as a box of frogs and has a tolerance to Gin unlike anything we've ever seen. If she's not in her treatment room knocking out mega fans, you'll find her in her back garden in her very own BBQ hut (with fairy lights and a tall glass).

Russian Volumes are her absolute fave! 


Gemma is a university level teacher, holding a PGSE in teaching. She is also an assessor and Internal Verifier and she is responsible for our quality control within our courses. 

She also teaches beauty courses for us, when needed (when she is not busy being a crazy horse lady).

Gemma is marrying the love of her life in 2022, and we think he looks like John Cena so if you hear us saying "You can't see me" to her - don't ask questions, just go with it!


Kirrin is our educator for hair extensions . She is also a multi award winning technician and hair extension specialist.

Being named "Hair Extension Specialist of the Year" for 3 years running you're in good hands!

This picture actually looks nothing like her anymore, but it's the only one we use without her resting b*tch face (insert laughy emoji here) - she's actually totally lush and you see her warm and gushy side whenever she's with her 3 bulldogs (Taco, Chili & Dumpling), or her  kitten (Miss. Pickles).

Kirrin was trained in nails by Debbi and is one of her most pride inducing prodigé's. Once working at Blush salon, and now has her own home studio.


Katy has been in the Beauty and Aesthetics industry for over 7 years, with her main focus being injectables and Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) and more recently- training. 

Her favourite treatment to do on clients is her signature Lip Filler.

Katy teaches in Selby, which is right in the middle of Leeds, York, Hull and Doncaster.

She doesn't have her picture up yet but that's not because she will scare you off - promise. Our website just doesn't like us right now for some reason and isn't letting us upload it. Her IG is @AO__aesthetics take a look for yourself. (just don't say her name 3 times in a row).

Our friendly, international level educators are excellent tutors who truly care about their students. In our beauty courses or nail courses, they will go the extra mile to make you as students as satisfied as possible and to assist with any questions or concerns.

We keep small-groups (no more than 10) of students in order to provide an environment in which students will feel comfortable practicing and receiving feedback, and where the teacher can offer additional teaching and demoing with plenty of time for hands on practice.

If there is a specific course you wish to attend, and is not available on the diary - please contact us and we can arrange future course dates. We run frequent brow courses, spray tan training, henna brow courses, lash training and nail technician courses from beginner to advanced.